Of course, one of the raddest companies around has to have its grassroots story. Well, we were just a small group of friends who all had their own unique activities that we were always 110% committed to. Whether it was biking, skating, surfing, or playing guitar, we always gave our best because we were so in love with what we were doing. This mentality brought us all together and formed a strong camaraderie, no matter what the means of achieving this feeling was. Soon, the light bulb sparked and The Stoked Company was born!

     At first, it was just an idea, nothing more than banter at a party or chit chats on the way to the store. But with dreams of teal helicopters filled with champagne and base jumpers, we quickly realized that this dream had to become a reality. In the back of class we sketched out a million logos until finally landing on the art you still see today.

     And that art stood for something, the goal is to spread passion like wildfire. The satisfaction gained from doing something you love is a feeling we were lucky to tap into early on, and we want you to experience it as well, whether you’re an athlete, musician, artist... it doesn’t matter. And the most important thing is that we want you to know we have your back, from start to finish. So with that, please meet the goons who decided to bring Stoked to life!